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Up Late TV Show in the News

Sha & Del’s connection has been ordained. When Sha first moved to Jersey City, right outside of New York, she and Del’s common friend Eddie B encouraged them to connect with each other. Well, of course, they never did. Then one night when Del was playing a comedy club in Jersey, Sha arrived after Del had performed.

As Del walked around to sell her shirts, they struck up a conversation and shared an instant sisterhood. As they were wrapping the conversation, a light bulb went off that Eddie B had been encouraging them to connect. It was divine.

108 Soul NY joins
iHeart Radio

After gaining over 500,000 unique listeners and a one year birthday, 108 Soul FM NY, New York's newest Classic Hip Hop and R&B station, was added to the iHeartRadio platform - a huge win for founder Jamie Roberts and the 108 Soul Family.

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Sha & Del join the 108 Soul Family!
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"Founder Jamie Roberts couldn't resist when he heard the amazing chemistry between Sha Hayes & Del Harrison on Up Late with Sha & Del and in June of 2021, launched Up Late into the 108 Soul Family.  The two were welcomed by every DJ personally on the platform"

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